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Cultivate a healthier world
and grow your business stronger
with a Circular Economy

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Hall: 9

Stand: 9110

Let's get

Cultivate a healthier world
and grow your business stronger
with a Circular Economy

Join us

Hall: 9

Stand: 9110

Join us

Hall: 9

Stand: 9110

What is a circular economy?

a circular economy creates a continuous loop...

revitalizing the use of resources, materials, power, and waste to the highest value; reshaping innovation, profitability, and business models.

Why do we NEED a circular economy?

The current system is linear; products are made from virgin materials, then thrown away.

How much is left to extract?

The economy depends on raw materials, but availability is becoming scarce.

How do we transition?

Attracting and keeping young talent to traditional energy companies is becoming difficult.

This trend may pose a challenge for businesses.

The world is facing a series of profound environmental and social challenges. We must get practical and redefine values to turn challenges into opportunities.

a circular economy fosters growth
in three areas:




When many work together, much good can happen

benefits of a circular economy

it's the power of the collective

working together with practical steps to a stronger economy & environment


Bridge connections between organizations, authorities, and industries.


Break the silos by working together to create circular solutions.


Develop a culture of continuous learning that drives sustainable growth.

How are you successful and a good steward?

How are you successful
and a good steward?

There is so much pressure to be sustainable; but what does sustainable look like? How can you be profitable and work with regulations?

The “solutions” seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

Taking practical steps with a circular economy can be profitable and make a healthier world.

RENAS is the Cultivator of the Circular Economy

RENAS is the Cultivator of the Circular Economy

The Vision

By 2050, RENAS is no longer needed because everything is circular.

begin your circular economy journey

Get circular

Step 1: learn how a circular economy can make you more successful

Step 2: Determine your circular economy business model

Step 3 Enjoy profitable new business solutions

your Circular Economy Solutions

learning & development​

Continuous knowledge materials and exercises of circular economy principles for your team.

circular analysis​

Understand your current circular situation and ranking to assess and determine your next steps.

business models​

Strategies and business models to give your company a competitive advantage with circular solutions.

Come visit us at ONS
Stavanger, Norway

August 29 – September 1, 2022

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Want to speak with a RENAS guide
about a circular economy?

featured at ONS

Bjørn Arild Thon


Leif Nordhus

CEO: Circular Norway

Eyrún Gudjonsdottir

Manager of Business Development: RENAS

Anja Ronesen

Manager of Marketing & Communications: RENAS

Daniel Grindeland

Featured Entertainer 

Bringing the human energy of the circular economy

Alexander Christiansen

Leads Strategist & Business Developer: Circular Norway

Ellen Høvik

Head of Communication: Circular Norway


Monday, August 29 to Wednesday, August 31

Break convention with Daniel Grindeland12:00
What is Circular Economy: How Circular Economy makes your business profitableCircular Program
Critical Raw Materials:- Status and ChallengesCircular Program

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Hall: 9

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