The Circular stand

The Circular stand Speaks Louder than words; therefore, RENAS wanted to have a Circular Stand to express the practicality of a Circular Economy.

We asked Diotoma Strategies to take on that challenge.

When Torund, Yamilca, and Nils Petter got the challenge from RENAS, they asked, “How can we create a stand that embodies circularity in its message and is reflected in all of our actions?”

The goal was to create a stand that would last for ten years. The stand had to be modular, high-quality, and classic. 

To reflect the circular economy, we wanted the design to be simple and practical and ensure that all the materials could be reused, repurposed, or recycled.

The main focal point of the stand is the circular message and a meeting place to dialogue, entertain and educate on the importance of the circular economy.

We got inspired by nature, raw materials, and humans. We believe that human energy can ignite change and want to combine the beauty of nature and raw materials.

We decided to use wood pallets because it is used in all energy sectors to transport materials and products.

Each wood pallet on the stand has a story because they have been in different places, spaces, and environments.

Some of them are given, some bought, and some borrowed.

When we think in terms of circularity, things become simple and practical. 

We want to thank the following companies supplying the wood pallets

Rogaland gjenvinning